Yokohama/Tokyo: Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 Guided Tour

Step back in time and experience the fusion of modern innovation and classic design on the Yokohama/Tokyo Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 Guided Tour. Discover hidden gems and witness the city’s transformation from the driver’s seat of these iconic vehicles.

The tour promises a blend of adrenaline-pumping drives and culture, offering a glimpse into Japan’s rich history. Curious to uncover how these machines navigate the bustling streets of Yokohama and Tokyo?

Stay tuned for a glimpse into this unique journey that combines automotive excellence with cultural exploration.

Just The Basics

  • Explore advanced technology and performance of Nissan GT-R R35
  • Discover the custom-built RWB 911 Porsche
  • Budget-friendly opportunity to learn automotive engineering
  • Experience fusion of innovation and tradition in automotive design

Overview of the Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 Tour

Embark on an exhilarating 4-hour tour exploring the Nissan GT-R R35 and RWB 911, where automotive enthusiasts can explore the world of high-performance vehicles.

The tour offers a detailed discussion on the iconic Nissan GT R, known for its cutting-edge technology and impressive performance capabilities. Participants will also explore the RWB 911, a custom-built Porsche reflecting the unique and vibrant Tokyo car culture.

This guided experience provides a budget-friendly opportunity to learn about the engineering marvels behind these machines while immersing oneself in the rich automotive history of Japan.

Get ready to witness firsthand the fusion of innovation and tradition that defines the Nissan GT-R R35 and RWB 911 in the heart of Yokohama/Tokyo.

Activity Details and Important Information

Yokohama/Tokyo: Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 Guided Tour - Activity Details and Important Information

Discover essential details for the upcoming Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 guided tour, including activity duration, location, and pricing information. The tour lasts for 4 hours and takes place at a garage with a visible sign. Pricing starts at €348.42 per group of up to 3 people. When considering the tour, keep in mind the limited seating capacity in the GTR’s rear seats and the exciting vehicle performance you’ll experience.

Here are some key points to note for a smooth experience:

  1. Duration: 4 hours
  2. Location: Look for the garage with a sign on the front
  3. Pricing: Starts from €348.42 per group of up to 3 people
  4. Seating Capacity: Rear seats in the GTR are small

Ensure to check availability before booking to secure your spot on this thrilling guided tour.

Booking Options and Customer Reviews

Yokohama/Tokyo: Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 Guided Tour - Booking Options and Customer Reviews

For those interested in securing a spot on the Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 guided tour, the booking options and customer reviews provide valuable insights and flexibility. Booking flexibility is a key feature, allowing visitors to reserve their spot now and pay later, offering peace of mind.

Gift options are also available, adding a personal touch to the experience. Customer satisfaction shines through in the reviews, with an impressive overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 32 reviews.

Specifically, transportation is rated at 4.8 out of 5, highlighting the convenience of the tour, while the value for money is rated at 4.5 out of 5, indicating that guests feel they’re getting a worthwhile experience. These positive reviews speak to the quality and enjoyment of the Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 guided tour.

Additional Information and Directions

To locate the meeting point for the Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 guided tour, visitors should look for the garage with a sign displayed prominently at the front. When heading to the tour, consider these directions:

  1. Turn left at the main street corner.
  2. Continue straight until the third traffic light.
  3. Turn right and drive two blocks down.
  4. The garage will be on your left-hand side.

The tour highlights include an up-close look at the iconic Nissan GT-R R35 and the custom RWB 911, providing enthusiasts with a unique and thrilling experience. Make sure to follow these directions carefully to ensure a smooth start to your adventure.

Tips for a Memorable Tour Experience

For an unforgettable tour experience, prioritize capturing memorable moments with the Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 by taking plenty of photos and videos to cherish the adventure forever.

Tour photography plays a significant role in preserving the excitement of driving these iconic vehicles. Ensure your camera or smartphone is fully charged and ready to snap pictures of the stunning landscapes and thrilling driving experience.

Remember to also take videos to capture the roaring engines and adrenaline-filled moments.

By documenting your journey through photos and videos, you can relive the excitement of the tour whenever you want.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create lasting memories of your driving experience with the Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Snacks or Drinks on the Tour?

Yes, guests can bring their own snacks or drinks on the tour. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a picnic while exploring. Remember to pack your favorite snacks and hydration options for a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Tour?

Age restrictions for the tour may apply. It’s advisable to check beforehand. Regarding snacks, guests can bring their own. This budget-friendly adventure promises an informative and engaging experience, catering to a variety of preferences.

Is There a Photographer Included in the Tour Package?

Yes, there is a photographer option included in the tour package. This benefit allows guests to capture memorable moments during the experience. It offers a convenient way to document the adventure while enjoying the sights.

Are There Any Restroom Facilities Available During the Tour?

Restroom breaks are available during the tour to accommodate hydration needs. Participants can enjoy the experience without worry. The tour offers convenience and comfort, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for all.

Can I Request a Specific Route or Destination for the Tour?

Yes, guests can request customized routes or special destinations for the tour. This option allows for a tailored experience based on preferences. The tour offers flexibility to cater to specific requests, enhancing the overall journey for participants.

Final Words

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the thrill of the Nissan GT-R R35 & RWB 911 Guided Tour in Yokohama and Tokyo.

With convenient booking options, positive customer reviews, and an affordable price starting from €348.42 per group, this tour offers an unforgettable adventure through Japan’s vibrant streets and iconic landmarks.

Book your spot today for a memorable and exciting journey behind the wheel of these powerful machines.