Nagano Private Two Day Tour

Did you know that Nagano is home to over 200 hot springs, providing a perfect opportunity for relaxation after a day of exploration? Imagine soaking in the rejuvenating waters surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

A private two-day tour in Nagano offers a curated experience that combines cultural insights and outdoor escapades. From interacting with snow monkeys at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park to discovering the spiritual significance of Zenko-ji Temple, this tour has a lot to offer.

But there’s more to uncover about this intriguing adventure waiting just around the corner…

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Just The Basics

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Just The Basics

  • Explore Nagano’s attractions with a private 2-day tour
  • Visit Snow Monkey Park, Zenko-ji Temple, and Obuse
  • Stay overnight at a traditional Ryokan
  • Enjoy flexibility for snow activities or city exploration

Tour Details

When planning your Nagano Private Two Day Tour, take note of the detailed tour information offered to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience. This tour provides customized options to cater to your preferences and group size, with group discounts available to help you save some yen.

You can even choose to upgrade with private transport and a stay in a 4-star hotel for added comfort. The tour includes an overnight stay in a traditional Ryokan, starting at 08:45 AM and ending back at the meeting point. It’s wheelchair accessible, but make sure to bring your valid passport.

Moderate walking is involved, and the tour operates in all weather conditions, even when the Snow Monkeys are more active in warmer seasons.


Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Itinerary

Set out on a captivating journey through Nagano with a well-crafted two-day itinerary that promises a blend of cultural exploration and outdoor adventure.

  1. Day 1: Begin with enchanting monkey interactions at the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, where you can observe these fascinating creatures up close. Continue to Zenko-ji Temple for a serene cultural experience, followed by a visit to the historic town of Obuse.

  2. Overnight Stay: Enjoy tradition with an overnight stay at a traditional Japanese hotel, known as a Ryokan, for an authentic cultural experience.

  3. Day 2: Enjoy a free day for snowboarding/skiing or exploring Nagano further. Visit Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort/Alpine Garden for more outdoor fun and scenic views.

  4. Meals: Remember that meals aren’t included, allowing you the flexibility to explore local dining options and culinary delights.

Booking and Cancellation

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Booking and Cancellation

To secure your spot on the Nagano Private Two Day Tour, travelers need to complete the booking process, which includes providing necessary personal details and confirming their reservation.

The tour offers tour customization options, allowing visitors to tailor their experience based on preferences.

When it comes to cancellations, the policy is non-refundable, so it’s essential to be certain of your plans before booking. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy details and any associated service fees.

For those looking for flexibility and personalized experiences, discussing custom tour booking recommendations with the tour operator may be beneficial.

Remember to plan ahead and ensure you’re comfortable with the refund policy before finalizing your booking.

Reviews and Ratings

Travelers considering the Nagano Private Two Day Tour can gain valuable insights from the reviews and ratings provided by previous Viator travelers. The tour has received excellent feedback, with a total of 27 reviews and an impressive overall rating of 5.0 stars. Here are some key points highlighted by customers:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Many travelers expressed high satisfaction levels with the tour’s itinerary and experiences.

  2. Tour Guide Expertise: The guides were praised for being knowledgeable and friendly, enhancing the overall tour experience.

  3. Personalized Itinerary: Travelers appreciated the customized itinerary planning.

  4. Highlights Based on Experiences: Reviews often mentioned specific highlights that made the tour memorable for them.

Additional Information

For those interested in the Nagano Private Two Day Tour, here are some additional details to enhance your experience.

The tour offers the unique opportunity to engage in activities like sake tasting and strawberry picking. You can learn about the local culture by participating in a sake tasting session, where you’ll get to sample different varieties of this traditional Japanese drink.

Plus, enjoy the fun experience of strawberry picking, where you can handpick fresh and juicy strawberries at a local farm.

These activities are a great way to add a touch of authenticity and flavor to your Nagano adventure. Don’t miss out on these delightful experiences during your two-day tour in Nagano!


When navigating your way to the Nagano Private Two Day Tour, simply follow the detailed directions provided to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

  1. Local Cuisine: Along the way, travelers can stop at local eateries to savor authentic Japanese dishes like soba noodles or oyaki dumplings.

  2. Cultural Experiences: Take the opportunity to learn about the rich culture of Nagano by visiting historical sites like Zenko-ji Temple or exploring traditional craft shops in Obuse.

  3. Public Transportation: Opt for convenient and cost-effective public transportation options to reach the tour meeting point, such as trains or buses.

  4. Travel Apps: Consider using travel apps like Google Maps to navigate the city easily and find nearby attractions or dining spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Meals Included in the Tour Price?

Meals are not included in the tour price, allowing flexibility for dietary restrictions and accommodations. This offers travelers the opportunity to savor local food experiences. Visitors can budget accordingly and explore culinary delights independently.

Can I Request a Specific Guide for the Tour?

When requesting a specific guide for the tour, travelers can inquire about availability and preferences. The tour offers personalized experiences and flexibility, allowing guests to tailor their trip to their liking while ensuring a memorable journey.

Is There a Minimum Group Size Required for Booking?

When booking, there is no minimum group size required. The tour is designed for flexibility and can accommodate different group sizes. Booking is open to both small and large groups, making it convenient for all.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Children or Seniors?

Children and senior discounts are available, making the tour budget-friendly for families and older travelers. It’s a great way to explore Nagano with loved ones and save some money while enjoying the sights.

Is There a Dress Code for Visiting the Attractions on the Tour?

When visiting the attractions on the tour, travelers are advised to adhere to cultural etiquette and wear appropriate attire. Embracing the dressing customs of the destination showcases cultural sensitivity and enhances the overall travel experience.

Final Words

Nagano Private Two Day Tour - Final Words

To sum it up, the Nagano private two-day tour offers a perfect blend of cultural exploration and outdoor adventure at an affordable price starting from $462.37.

With highlights like the Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park and Zenko-ji Temple, this tour promises an immersive experience in the charm of Nagano.

Book now for a seamless booking process and create lasting memories in this beautiful destination.