Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA (Raft-Type Boat) With Scenic View of Miyajima

Cruise along the tranquil waters on HANAIKADA, a raft-type boat, and savor a delectable lunch while being surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of Miyajima. The journey offers a unique blend of culinary delights and scenic vistas, providing an unforgettable experience for all who embark on this adventure.

The gentle sway of the boat and the tantalizing aromas of the meal create an ambiance that is sure to captivate all your senses. Join this exquisite voyage and discover the perfect harmony between gastronomy and nature, leaving you with memories to cherish long after the journey ends.

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Just The Basics

Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA (Raft-Type Boat) With Scenic View of Miyajima - Just The Basics

  • Relaxing lunch cruise on HANAIKADA offers scenic views of Miyajima.
  • Diverse food options cater to different tastes on the cruise.
  • Ideal midday timing for a peaceful and enjoyable dining experience.
  • Important to understand the non-refundable policy and potential weather-related cancellations.

Event Details

Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA (Raft-Type Boat) With Scenic View of Miyajima - Event Details

The lunch cruise on HANAIKADA offers a delightful experience starting at 11:10 AM from the South Exit of Onoura Station. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal with food options including hamburger steak, pasta, salad, baguette, coffee or tea, and dessert while taking in the scenic views of Miyajima.

The event timing is perfect for a midday adventure, allowing passengers to relax and savor their lunch while cruising along the picturesque waters. With a variety of food options available, there’s something to suit every taste bud.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking to enjoy a peaceful cruise, the lunch cruise on HANAIKADA promises a memorable experience with a delightful meal on board.

Important Information

For essential details regarding the lunch cruise on HANAIKADA, please take note of the following key information.

  1. Cancellation Policy: The tour has a non-refundable cancellation policy. Once booked, refunds aren’t available for cancellations or changes.

  2. Weather Conditions: In the event of adverse weather conditions, the tour may be canceled. If this occurs, guests will be provided with the option of rescheduling for a different date or receiving a full refund.

  3. Refund Policy: No refunds are offered for cancellations or amendments, except in cases where the tour is canceled due to weather conditions.

This concise summary highlights the importance of understanding the cancellation policy and being prepared for potential weather-related changes.

Additional Instructions

Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA (Raft-Type Boat) With Scenic View of Miyajima - Additional Instructions

If guests have specific dietary restrictions or allergies, please contact in advance for accommodation options.

For parking guidance, guests arriving by car should notify the organizers.

Allergy information should also be communicated beforehand to ensure a safe dining experience.

In the event of missing the pick-up at the designated location, guests will be responsible for covering their own taxi fare.

These instructions are crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable lunch cruise experience on HANAIKADA with a scenic view of Miyajima.

Customer Support

Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA (Raft-Type Boat) With Scenic View of Miyajima - Customer Support

Customer Support is available through the Viator Help Center for any inquiries regarding the lunch cruise on HANAIKADA with a scenic view of Miyajima. If customers have any questions or need assistance, they can reach out through the following channels:

  1. Viator Help Center: Customers can contact the Viator Help Center for prompt assistance with any concerns or inquiries.

  2. Customer Feedback: Viator values customer feedback to enhance service excellence and ensure a memorable experience for all guests.

  3. Service Excellence: Viator strives to provide top-notch customer service to address any issues and make the lunch cruise enjoyable for everyone.

Booking Details

To proceed with booking the lunch cruise on HANAIKADA with a scenic view of Miyajima, customers can secure their spot by selecting their preferred date and time along with the desired number of participants.

The lunch options aboard the cruise include hamburger steak, pasta, salad, baguette, coffee or tea, and dessert. The price for this experience starts from SEK 742.25, with a lowest price guarantee.

It’s important to note that bookings are non-refundable, and there’s a strict cancellation policy in place. Customers are encouraged to check availability before booking and understand that once booked, no refunds are provided for cancellations.

For any questions or further assistance, customers can reach out to Viator’s Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA (Raft-Type Boat) With Scenic View of Miyajima - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Children Participate in the Lunch Cruise on Hanaikada?

Children can participate in the cruise. Safety measures are in place. It’s a family-friendly experience. Enjoy lunch while taking in the scenic view of Miyajima. The cruise promises fun for all ages with attention to safety.

Is There a Restroom on Board the HANAIKADA Raft-Type Boat?

Restroom availability is ensured on the HANAIKADA raft-type boat. Seating arrangements cater to passenger comfort. Guests can enjoy the cruise worry-free with these amenities. Enjoy the scenic view of Miyajima while onboard.

Are Vegetarian Options Available for the Lunch Menu on the Cruise?

Vegetarian options are available on the cruise for guests with dietary restrictions. Enjoy a scenic sightseeing experience while savoring a lunch menu that includes vegetarian choices. Contact in advance for allergy information.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Beverages on the Cruise?

Guests can bring their own beverages on the cruise. They are encouraged to pack picnic supplies. Beverage options are flexible, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite drinks while admiring the scenic views during the cruise.

Is There a Dress Code for the Lunch Cruise on Hanaikada?

Attire guidelines for the lunch cruise on HANAIKADA are casual and comfortable. Guests are advised to wear relaxed clothing suitable for a scenic boat ride. No formal dress code is enforced, ensuring a relaxed experience.

Final Words

Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA (Raft-Type Boat) With Scenic View of Miyajima - Final Words

Experience a delightful Lunch Cruise on HANAIKADA for a budget-friendly adventure with stunning views of Miyajima.

Indulge in a delicious meal while taking in the picturesque scenery, creating unforgettable memories.

With convenient parking options, advance notice for dietary restrictions, and a cancellation policy in place, guests can relax and enjoy the perfect blend of gastronomy and nature.

Book now for a memorable outing on the waters of Miyajima!