Kamakura Tour With Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View

Step into the enchanting world of anime and picturesque landscapes with the Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View. This 2-hour experience offers a blend of cultural exploration and professional photography in Kamakura, Japan.

With a limited group size of 8 participants, personalized attention from a knowledgeable guide fluent in multiple languages awaits. Capture iconic anime sites and breathtaking views of Enoshima island and Mount Fuji.

Discover the allure of Kamakura through local stories and expertly captured moments. Experience a journey that combines art, culture, and natural beauty seamlessly.

Just The Basics

Kamakura Tour With Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View - Just The Basics

  • Guided tour of Slam Dunk anime locations with a professional photographer
  • Capture stunning portraits with Enoshima island and Mount Fuji backdrop
  • Local insights and historical stories shared by the photographer-guide
  • Receive 30 edited photos within 72 hours after the personalized photo session

Tour Details

Kamakura Tour With Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View - Tour Details

The Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer offers a 2-hour guided experience at iconic locations like Kamakura High School Station and Enoden train crossing, providing an immersive opportunity to explore anime inspiration sites and capture stunning portraits. This sightseeing tour focuses on anime photography and is budget-friendly, starting from $57.87 per person.

The tour is available in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese with a group size limited to 8 participants. It’s wheelchair accessible and allows free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance. Participants can reserve now and pay later, meeting at Kamakurakōkō-Mae Station.

The tour promises an exciting blend of anime sights, professional photography guidance, and a chance to capture the beauty of Kamakura.

Experience Highlights

Kamakura Tour With Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View - Experience Highlights

Explore the Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer and learn about anime-inspired locations while capturing stunning portraits with professional guidance. The experience highlights include anime photography at Slam Dunk inspiration sites, visits to Kamakura High School station and Enoden train crossing, and breathtaking views of the sea, Enoshima island, and Mount Fuji (weather permitting).

Throughout the 2-hour tour, you will receive local stories and historical insights from the photographer-guide, enhancing the cultural experience. The session offers personalized photo opportunities, expert guidance on posing, and a variety of angles and compositions to choose from.

Participants can expect to receive 30 professionally edited photos digitally within 72 hours, making this a memorable and budget-friendly way to capture scenic views in Kamakura.

Itinerary Overview

Kamakura Tour With Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View - Itinerary Overview

Set out on a 2-hour guided tour through Kamakura’s iconic locations with a professional photographer capturing memorable moments along the way.

The itinerary includes guided tours at Kamakura High School Station, photo stops at various locations offering excellent photo opportunities, and beach photos with Enoshima and Mount Fuji providing scenic views (weather permitting).

Participants will also enjoy a personalized photo session with the photographer-guide, ensuring a variety of photo angles and compositions.

The tour wraps up with the delivery of 30 professionally edited photos within 72 hours.

This concise and budget-friendly itinerary promises a blend of cultural insights, stunning views, and ample chances to capture the beauty of Kamakura.

Inclusions Provided

Kamakura Tour With Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View - Inclusions Provided

Attendees on the Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer can anticipate a comprehensive 2-hour experience inclusive of a professional photo session and cultural insights shared by a local expert.

The inclusions provided during this tour encompass expert guidance on posing, a variety of photo angles and compositions, and the opportunity to explore cultural insights during the session.

Plus, you will benefit from 30 professionally edited photos delivered digitally within 72 hours after the tour.

This package ensures that attendees not only receive high-quality portraits but also gain valuable knowledge about the local culture and history, making it a well-rounded experience for those interested in photography and learning about Kamakura’s rich heritage.

Accessibility & Safety Measures

Participants with mobility concerns will find the Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer accessible and safe, with wheelchair accessibility at the meeting point and safety measures in place. The photographer will be easily identifiable in branded clothing at the designated location, ensuring a secure environment for all participants.

Additional accessibility measures include clear communication of meeting instructions and assistance if needed. Safety precautions such as meeting outside the main exit enhance the overall experience. These considerations aim to provide a worry-free and enjoyable tour for individuals with varying mobility needs.

Rest assured, the tour is designed to accommodate everyone comfortably while prioritizing safety and accessibility for all participants.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Kamakura Tour With Pro Photographer: Anime Train & Fuji View - Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment for the Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer is required only upon reservation, allowing participants to secure their spot without immediate payment. Accepted payment options include credit cards and online payment methods.

In the event of a cancellation, participants can receive a full refund if the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the scheduled tour. This flexible refund policy aims to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and provide peace of mind to participants.

Requirements & Recommendations

When preparing for the Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer, individuals should be mindful of specific requirements and helpful recommendations to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. It is important to note that the tour is not suitable for individuals with heart problems. Participants are required to arrange and pay for transportation to and from Kamakurakōkō-Mae Station. Safety measures include meeting outside the main exit and the photographer wearing branded clothing for easy identification. Plus, the tour provides expert guidance on photo posing, ensuring participants get the best shots during their personalized photo session. Below is a table summarizing the requirements and recommendations for the tour:

Requirements & Recommendations Details Notes
Health Condition No heart problems Ensure suitability for the tour
Transportation Arrange transport Individual responsibility for travel
Safety Measures Meeting point instructions Photographer in branded clothing
Photo Posing Expert guidance provided Enhance the quality of your photos
Enjoyable Experience Follow guidelines Ensure a smooth and memorable tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Props or Costumes Provided for the Photo Session at Kamakura High School Station?

Costume options and photo props are not provided for the photo session at Kamakura High School Station. Visitors are encouraged to come prepared with any props or costumes they wish to incorporate into their photos.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Cameras to Take Additional Photos During the Tour?

Participants can bring their own cameras on the tour for personal use. When doing so, it’s important to observe camera etiquette and respect others’ space. Listen to photography tips from the expert guide to enhance your experience.

Is There a Specific Time of Day Recommended for the Best Lighting During the Photo Session?

For the best lighting during the photo session, participants should aim for the early morning or late afternoon. These times offer softer, more flattering light that enhances the photos. It’s a simple way to elevate the quality of your shots.

Are There Any Specific Poses or Scenes Inspired by the Slam Dunk Anime That the Photographer Will Guide Participants to Recreate?

The photographer will guide participants to recreate Slam Dunk poses and scenes inspired by the anime. This interactive experience adds a fun and creative touch to the photography session, capturing unique moments against scenic backdrops.

Will There Be Opportunities for Candid Shots in Addition to Posed Portraits During the Tour?

During the tour, participants can expect candid moments captured alongside posed portraits. The photographer will employ various photography techniques to ensure a blend of natural and curated shots, providing a well-rounded visual narrative of the experience.

Final Words

Experience the magic of Kamakura with the Kamakura Tour with Pro Photographer.

Capture iconic anime train sites, picturesque landscapes, and stunning views of Mount Fuji with a knowledgeable photographer-guide.

This immersive 2-hour experience offers personalized attention in a small group setting, perfect for anime enthusiasts and photography lovers alike.

Book your unforgettable journey now and create lasting memories in the enchanting world of Kamakura.