Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food

Did you know that Atami’s Acao Beach BBQ is rated as one of the top beach experiences in Japan by over 90% of travelers?

The combination of a private beach setting, authentic local cuisine, and culture creates an unparalleled experience for visitors seeking a taste of Atami’s charm.

With the promise of a unique culinary journey and exclusive beach amenities, this beach BBQ is not just a meal but a full sensory experience that will leave guests craving for more.

Just The Basics

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Just The Basics

  • Enjoy a 3-hour beach BBQ experience with local flavors and serene ambiance.
  • Indulge in mouthwatering BBQ feasts with fresh local products and exclusive amenities.
  • Access pool and beach facilities, local market products, and complimentary parking.
  • Immerse in a culinary journey amidst beautiful scenery and ocean views at Atami: Acao Beach BBQ.

Location and Provider Information

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Location and Provider Information

Located in the Chubu Region of Japan, the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ is a delightful experience provided by ACAO SPA&RESORT, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy a private beach BBQ with local food.

The beach is situated in Shizuoka, providing stunning ocean views and a serene atmosphere for guests to relax and indulge in delicious meals. ACAO SPA&RESORT enhances the experience with amenities like BBQ tools and charcoal, local market products, a welcome drink, and free parking.

Plus, visitors can make use of the pool and beach facilities during their stay. This budget-friendly activity allows guests to savor the beauty of the location while enjoying quality service and amenities provided by ACAO SPA&RESORT.

Activity Details

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Activity Details

Guests at the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ can look forward to a delightful 3-hour experience filled with local flavors, ocean views, and relaxation at the private beach. The BBQ experience offers a chance to savor delicious local cuisine in a beach setting while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

Activity Details Included
Local Cuisine BBQ tools and charcoal
Beach Setting Welcome drink
BBQ Experience Local market products
Peaceful Atmosphere Free parking
Facility usage

With these elements combined, participants can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, taste the authentic flavors, and unwind in a serene environment.

Planned Itinerary

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Planned Itinerary

For your upcoming Atami: Acao Beach BBQ adventure, the planned itinerary promises a delightful blend of activities to make the most of your 3-hour experience at the private beach.

The fun kicks off with a beach games session, where you can join in friendly competitions or simply relax and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Next up, get ready for a cooking demonstration that will showcase local culinary delights and teach you a trick or two about preparing delicious dishes.

After that, indulge in a mouthwatering BBQ feast featuring fresh local products while taking in the stunning ocean views.

Don’t forget to make time for more beach games and relaxation before your exciting day at Acao Beach comes to an end.

Activity Highlights

After enjoying a fun-filled beach games session and a flavorful cooking demonstration, the highlight of your Atami: Acao Beach BBQ adventure awaits with a mouthwatering feast featuring fresh local products against the backdrop of stunning ocean views.

Activity Highlights
Beautiful Scenery Culinary Experience Relaxing Atmosphere
Enjoy ocean views Taste local delicacies Peaceful beach setting
Access to pool Fresh local products Tranquil environment
Stunning backdrop Authentic cooking styles Calming sounds of waves

This combination of beautiful scenery, a rich culinary experience, and a relaxing atmosphere makes the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ a must-do activity for those looking to indulge in local flavors amidst stunning natural surroundings.

Service Inclusions

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Service Inclusions

Included in the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ experience are local market products, BBQ tools and charcoal, a welcome drink, free parking, and access to pool and beach facilities.

When it comes to food variety, participants can expect a range of local delicacies that highlight the flavors of the region.

The beach ambiance adds a special touch to the BBQ experience, allowing guests to enjoy their meal with the soothing sounds of the ocean in the background.

Plus, having access to pool and beach facilities means that visitors can take a dip or relax by the water before or after indulging in the BBQ feast.

All these inclusions ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable experience at Acao Beach.

Important Information for Participants

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Important Information for Participants

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ, participants should remember to pack swimwear and identification. Swimwear is essential for enjoying the beach and pool facilities, while identification is needed for verification purposes.

It’s also important to bring sunscreen, towels, and a change of clothes for after the BBQ. However, remember that pets, alcohol, and glass objects are prohibited during the event.

Participants should adhere to these guidelines to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. By being prepared with the right items and following the rules, attendees can fully enjoy the local food and stunning ocean views without any disruptions.

Customer Review and Experience

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Customer Review and Experience

Heading into the experiences shared by attendees, Kriszl from Japan raved about their delightful time at the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ, highlighting the picturesque location, delectable local dishes, and serene ambiance.

  • The stunning beachfront setting with crystal-clear waters glistening under the sun.
  • The aroma of freshly grilled local specialties filling the air, tempting taste buds.
  • The sound of gentle waves harmonizing with laughter, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Kriszl’s review captures the essence of the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ experience, where beautiful scenery meets culinary delights, promising a memorable and tranquil retreat for visitors seeking a taste of local flavors amidst nature’s beauty.

Pricing and Contact Details

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Pricing and Contact Details

The Atami: Acao Beach BBQ experience offers a private beach BBQ with local food at ACAO BEACH for a price starting from ₹11,933 per group of up to 2 people, with contact available via WhatsApp or Telegram for emergencies. For group discounts and booking, visitors can reach out through WhatsApp or Telegram. Plus, custom menu options are available to cater to dietary restrictions. The booking process is straightforward, and guests can request modifications to the menu based on their preferences. Below is a table outlining the pricing details for different group sizes:

Group Size Price (Starting from ₹) Contact for Booking
Up to 2 ₹11,933 WhatsApp/Telegram
Up to 4 ₹20,567 WhatsApp/Telegram
Up to 8 ₹35,891 WhatsApp/Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

Atami: Acao Beach BBQ at a Private Beach With Local Food - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transportation Provided to the Private Beach for the BBQ Experience?

Transportation arrangements to the private beach for the BBQ experience are not provided. Visitors must arrange their transport to the beach location themselves. It’s recommended to plan for this aspect to fully enjoy the beach BBQ.

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the BBQ Meal?

Vegetarian and vegan options are available at the beach BBQ. Dietary restrictions are catered to with local cuisine and traditional dishes. Guests can enjoy flavorful meals while embracing the beach atmosphere.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Food or Drinks to the Private Beach?

Guests cannot bring their own food or drinks to the private beach. Food restrictions are in place, but they can enjoy local cuisine at the BBQ. BYO alcohol is not allowed. The experience offers a taste of authentic local flavors.

Are There Restroom Facilities Available at the Private Beach?

Restroom facilities are available at the private beach, ensuring convenience for guests. The beach facilities prioritize comfort and privacy, catering to the needs of visitors. Enjoy the BBQ experience without worrying about accessibility.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants in the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ Experience?

There is no specified minimum age requirement for participants in the Atami: Acao Beach BBQ experience. However, parental consent and supervision are crucial for safety. It’s essential to adhere to restrictions on alcohol, pets, glass objects, and nudity.

Final Words

To sum it up, Atami’s Acao Beach BBQ at a private beach is a must-do experience for those looking to relax, indulge in local flavors, and enjoy the seaside ambiance.

With a blend of relaxation, gastronomic delight, and exclusive amenities, guests are sure to have an unforgettable time.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to soak up the sun, savor delicious food, and create lasting memories in Atami. Book your spot now for a truly unforgettable journey!