Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto – Professional Photo Shoot

Step back in time and capture the essence of Kyoto with the ‘Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto – Professional Photo Shoot’ experience. Wander through historic alleyways and picturesque gardens as a skilled photographer immortalizes your journey.

But what sets this experience apart from the rest? Keep reading to uncover how this personalized photo shoot can transform your visit to Kyoto into a lasting visual masterpiece.

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Just The Basics

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - Just The Basics

  • Capture lasting memories with a professional photo shoot in Kyoto starting at $164.14 per group.
  • Enjoy a 1.5-hour shoot with up to 50 edited photos and original data provided.
  • Convenient meeting point at Gion-Shijo Station, with wheelchair accessibility and additional assistance available.
  • Flexible outfit options, personalized experience, and full refund if canceled 24 hours in advance.

Pricing and Booking Details

When booking a professional photo shoot in Kyoto, prices start at $164.14 per group for up to 10 people. This cost-effective option allows travelers to enjoy a personalized photography session in beautiful Kyoto without breaking the bank.

The booking process is straightforward – just select your desired date and number of travelers, check availability, and reserve your spot. Plus, outfit options are flexible, so you can choose clothing that fits your style and preferences.

Whether you prefer traditional Japanese attire or modern outfits, the photographer will capture stunning moments using various photography styles to suit your taste. This budget-friendly package offers a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories in Kyoto while experiencing a fun and professional photo shoot.

Services Provided During the Shoot

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - Services Provided During the Shoot

During the professional photo shoot in Kyoto, travelers can expect a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes with up to 50 edited photos included in the package. The service also provides all Original Photo Data, ensuring that you have access to the raw, unedited images for your keepsake.

Plus, the photographer will work on editing up to 50 photos to enhance their quality before delivering them to you. This means you not only get the beautifully edited final images but also have the original data for your collection.

The convenience of having both edited and original photos allows you to cherish the memories captured during your time in Kyoto without missing out on any details.

Meeting and Pickup Information

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - Meeting and Pickup Information

For a hassle-free start to your professional photo shoot experience in Kyoto, head to the meeting point at Gion-Shijo Station, conveniently located at Kawabatacho in Higashiyama Ward. The default meeting spot is outside Gion-Shijo station, exit 3.

It’s a good idea to confirm the start time with the local provider. The end point will also be back at the meeting point, ensuring a smooth experience.

Accessibility options include wheelchair-accessible transportation, making it convenient for all guests. If needed, meeting spot suggestions can be provided for those requiring additional assistance. This ensures that everyone can easily participate in this enjoyable photo shoot adventure in Kyoto.

Expectations and Accessibility Considerations

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - Expectations and Accessibility Considerations

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable professional photo shoot experience in Kyoto, guests should expect clear communication and convenient accessibility options. Expectations management includes receiving confirmation within 48 hours of booking, ensuring wheelchair and stroller accessibility, allowing service animals, and requiring a moderate physical fitness level.

This private tour/activity is exclusively for your group, offering a personalized experience. Accessibility considerations are taken seriously, with transportation being wheelchair accessible to accommodate all guests. The service aims to cater to a diverse range of needs, ensuring that everyone can participate comfortably.

Cancellation Policy Information

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - Cancellation Policy Information

To ensure a smooth experience, it’s important to understand the cancellation policy for the photo shoot in Kyoto. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Refund Policies:

    • Full refund available if canceled up to 24 hours before the experience.
    • No refund if canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled photo shoot.
    • Changes made less than 24 hours before the shoot aren’t accepted.
  2. Reservation Requirements:

    • Free cancellation is allowed up to 24 hours before the start of the experience.
    • Reservations must be made in advance to secure your spot.
    • Ensure you check the weather conditions as it may impact the activity.

Understanding these policies will help you plan accordingly and enjoy your photo shoot in Kyoto stress-free.

Location Details for the Photo Shoot

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - Location Details for the Photo Shoot

Located outside Gion-Shijo station, exit 3, in Kyoto, the meeting point for the professional photo shoot offers easy accessibility for travelers. This convenient location allows participants to easily find the starting point for their photo session.

The meeting spot is situated at Gion-Shijo Station, Kawabatacho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0076, Japan. Participants can expect a straightforward meeting process, where they’ll meet their local provider to confirm the start time. On top of that, the endpoint of the photo shoot will also be back at the initial meeting point, ensuring a seamless experience.

Accessibility information includes wheelchair-friendly transportation, making it suitable for all participants.

Important Notes for Participants

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - Important Notes for Participants

Here’s a tip to make your experience even better: Make sure to arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the confirmed start time to ensure a smooth beginning to your photo shoot adventure!

When preparing for your professional photo shoot in Kyoto, participants should keep the following in mind:

  • Participants’ Attire:

  • Dress comfortably in outfits that reflect your personal style and make you feel confident.

  • Consider bringing a few different clothing options to change up your look in the photos.

  • Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly for the outdoor shoot.

  • Photo Shoot Etiquette:

  • Be punctual to make the most of your scheduled time.

  • Follow the photographer’s directions and have fun with different poses and expressions.

  • Respect the locations and surroundings to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.

How to Confirm and Reserve Your Spot

Private Photo Shoot & Walk in Kyoto - Professional Photo Shoot - How to Confirm and Reserve Your Spot

Arriving 15 minutes early at the meeting point ensures a smooth start to your photo shoot experience; now let’s secure your spot by confirming and reserving it. To book your session, follow these simple steps:

Booking Process Reservation Confirmation Spot Availability
Select date & group Receive confirmation Check availability
Reserve now Confirm within 48 hours Ensure spot is open

After selecting your preferred date and group size, reserve your spot now to guarantee availability. Confirmation will be sent within 48 hours, and you can rest assured your spot is secured. Don’t wait too long; ensure you reserve in advance to avoid missing out on this fantastic experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Request Specific Locations in Kyoto for the Photo Shoot?

Yes, they can request specific locations in Kyoto for the photo shoot. The package offers customized backgrounds and personalized poses against scenic landscapes and iconic landmarks. It’s a great way to capture memorable moments.

Are Props or Traditional Clothing Options Available for the Photo Shoot?

Props are available for a mix of traditional and modern vibes. Clients can choose from cultural items or opt for natural surroundings. The service offers flexibility for personalized shoots, blending unique elements with Kyoto’s scenic beauty.

Is There an Option to Extend the Duration of the Photo Shoot?

For groups seeking more time flexibility or custom locations, extended sessions are available, but may incur additional charges. It’s a great option to capture more memories in unique spots, enhancing the photo shoot experience.

Can the Photographer Accommodate Special Requests or Themes for the Photos?

The photographer can accommodate special requests and customized themes for photos, including creative poses and unique concepts. They are open to personalized settings, ensuring a memorable experience that reflects the group’s preferences.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Number of People or Pets Allowed in the Photoshoot Group?

The group size for this photo shoot can include up to 10 people, and pets are welcome to join as well. It’s a relaxed and budget-friendly experience, ensuring everyone can be part of the fun.

Final Words

So, if you’re looking for a fun and hassle-free way to capture your memories in Kyoto, this private photo shoot & walk is the perfect choice.

With easy booking, professional services, and stunning edited photos included, you’ll have a high-quality memento of your time in this cultural capital.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore Kyoto through the lens of a professional photographer – book your spot today!